Did you know that with a single click, you can buy and sell stocks in some of the world's largest traded companies such as Apple, Amazon or Facebook? Online stock trading is more affordable than ever today, but how to get started can seem scary. How to find the best online stock trading account? How can you choose the best online stock trading platform? How do you actually do stock trading online?

In this article on how to trade stocks for beginners, we answer these questions - and many more - about how to start trading stocks online. We will direct you to one of the best online stock trading sites that can assist in your trading decisions, in addition to providing you with some advice on stock trading to get started and sharing it with you in the best way on how to learn to trade stocks in a completely risk-free way.

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Stock trading is the process of buying and selling shares in a company listed on the stock exchange from your computer, laptop or phone through your broker for trading, in the hope of making a profit from the change in prices up or down when using CFDs for trading.

The buying and selling of shares in public companies is controlled and managed by an exchange such as the London Stock Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange. Historically, traders resorted to these exchanges to buy and sell shares with other traders in what was called a "trading hole".

Nowadays, traders do not have to visit the exchange and can instead participate in virtual stock trading online just by having a suitable broker account. By opening a stock trading account, the broker acts as a link between the trader and the exchange.

In fact, with Admiral Markets UK Ltd, you can open an Invest.MT5 account and actually invest in stocks and ETFs from 15 of the largest exchanges in the world. You can also get free real-time market data, create a pool of side income by collecting dividend payments, trade on MetaTrader - the most popular online stock market trading program - and enjoy many other benefits.

Accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of € 1 with investment fees starting at $ 0.01 per share and minimum transaction fees of only $ 1 on US stocks.

How to trade stocks for beginners

To start sharing online trading, it is important that you have the right stock trading tools and resources. Here's how to get started trading stocks for beginners:

1. Choose the best stock trading account according to your capabilities

Your trading account is your connection to all other individuals in the world who wish to buy and sell stocks. If you want to buy shares in a particular company like the oil giant BP, then you need to find someone who not only owns BP shares but is also willing to sell those shares to you. Basically, this is what the broker does for you - it connects you to the stock market and other shareholders, hence the term "stock market".

A stock trading account with an online broker gives you access to their trading platform where they can deliver buy and sell orders to other buyers and sellers through their connection to the stock exchange, which manages the stock market and lists the shares of the companies that you want to trade.


Protect your device from hacking


Technological progress and the flow of information has become a double-edged sword, as some people can penetrate your devices, for personal purposes and motives, and the most prominent of which is for the hacker to install a spyware to drain all information from all applications, apps on mobile phones or computers and laptops, whether pictures, videos. , Records, personal information, …

Through this article, we develop simple steps and magic codes that enable you to protect your device from penetration, without software, because of our desire for your safety and so that you do not fall victim.

Ways to protect your device from hacking

Cell phones have become a grave danger, causing harm to everyone who carries them, but despite the widespread disadvantages of them, effective and positive methods have been found to preserve the privacy of individuals, which lie in the following:

A person must secure himself by complicating his password, whether for the device or for the applications on it, for example avoiding as much as possible from birthday numbers, phones, and easy consecutive numbers.

– The need to protect the device by continuously monitoring and changing the secret numbers and keeping them from time to time.

– You should not download programs and games from unreliable sources, the most prominent programs with the efficiency and privacy of Google Play, and the Application Store.

– There are those who have been able to access your data through Wi-Fi networks, especially if available in public places such as malls and stores, so you must have personal knowledge of the owners of these networks or be sure of them before starting to use them.

– There is a distinctive way to hack, such as if someone sends you a link with pages or is accompanied by an  attractive image, as soon as you access it and download it, you will find that all of your accounts have been hacked, so you should be careful, and not to access links or any anonymous data that could result in the last To damage your device and know your privacy.

– You should be constantly aware of all APPS on your phone, as there is no new item that someone might download to you as another type of espionage.

– You must follow the instructions attached to the application or game service provided to you, and what you download within the scope of the service provided to you without that is considered a means of penetration and espionage, such as asking when downloading the game to open a camera, send a special number, which is unnecessary, so take the initiative not to download or enter.

Codes to protect your device from hacking

There are magic codes that let you know if your devices were hacked or not.

1- Code # 62 # *: When entering it on your phone, this code helps to identify if someone is already hacking your accounts, especially if he added a phone number to you, then he is the one who hacks, and if not, make sure that your devices have a security feature.

2- Code # 002 ##: It is considered a protection code from any hacking, which is a step that must be taken from time to time, as it directly attacks the hacker and jammed it.

3- Code # 21 # *: It helps to know if someone uses his data and downloads it via other devices, but if his smart device is protected, then they are simple steps that should be followed from time to time in order to protect our privacy, and not try to blackmail us in any way. Shapes.

4- # 06 # *: This code is used as a feature in the original devices, and if you are not able to then know that your device is a copy and not the original.

Prevent the hacker from entering your device

The most effective methods that help you protect your device from penetration are not to enter your devices on text form or any data suspected of being valid, but it can be opened from other devices, or to enter programs such as protecting your device from viruses, and we will offer you what you need to do in short, you should keep With all security codes.

Keeping another account or a backup email, in the event of a hack, you will be asked to enter your phone or mail, then you can use the mail instead of the phone so that it is not hacked, and then keep your password, complicated and difficult to penetrate.

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